Monday, 7 April 2014

Baby headband update!

Wow! It has been such a long time since I have posted anything-and there has been good reason I must add! Firstly My hubby and I went over to San Antonio to spend Christmas with his family. We had an AMAZING time and are really looking forward to going back sometime in the future. The fabric shops were MINDBLOWING! Just so many varieties of fabric and such reasonable prices, we have nothing in the UK in comparison to the selection over there. I spent literally all of my spending money in Joannes and Hancocks and Hobby Lobby! I bought flannels, and minky fabric and such lovely quality chevron cottons in turquoise, coral and grey, can’t bring myself to use them yet, I’m still just looking at them and planning what to make!
The second reason I have not been creating and posting is that we found that we are pregnant! Yay! But as a consequence I have been suffering with extreme morning sickness and so have been ridiculously unwell and really haven’t been up to do anything apart from nibbling dry biscuits and sucking ice cubes! I spent three weeks straight on the couch and in bed unable to function, the doctor gave me some medication and it’s much easier to manage now, so I’m back to supply work at school. I’m currently 19weeks and the nausea still hasn’t totally cleared up, so I’m taking cups of ice cubes into lessons and sipping coke from a mug so it looks like black coffee! Not much of a bump yet so the students haven’t noticed!
ANYWAY-you may remember one of my posts back in October when my Sister in law was over and we were making headbands for the arrival of her baby girl? (previous post) Well baby arrived well and healthy a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t resist uploading pictures of her in the headbands we created! She is such a beautiful yummy baby already the headbands don’t add much!

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