Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Diaper clutch and changing mat all in one!

I have a wonderful Phil and Teds Promenade stroller, one that will eventually be able to transform to be able to push two children at once. I love it to bits, but it is pretty big and as I don't drive...yet....Im often getting lifts with people to go places and if we want to go walking anywhere I have to put little one in a carrier, which is fine, but she is getting bigger and heavier and so its not super ideal. So we treated ourselves to a new stroller - the Quinny Yezz - which was on my wish list of baby items! It is super lightweight and goes down soooo small it can be slung over your shoulder like a back pack!

The only issue I had was that it has no parcel shelf underneath or place to hang the ginormous nappy bag us mum's cart everywhere! So I needed something small that I could use to take a few nappies and wipes along with me, and then I can take a small handbag (remember those!?) with toys and purse etc in.  Pattern link after the jump.....

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