Friday, 20 June 2014

Oven glove tutorial and free pattern

I have made a pattern for these oven gloves which you can download here and follow the photographs below for how to make them. I hope they make sense! The fabric I used is a cotton print I got from the market (trying very hard to look like a Kath Kidston Print!) and the Bias binding I also got from the haberdashery on the market. It is 2cm wide. You can buy specially made insulating wadding, and I bought some called Insul fleece, I’ve not used it before and was a little dubious about how successful it would be as it’s quite thin. However it can easily be quilted on the machine without any special machine feet but to be honest I think I would double it if I was to do it again as it wasn’t as insulating as I hoped it would be. If you didn’t want to fork out for the more expensive insulation wadding you could instead buy some thick curtain lining, as this is much cheaper and I think would do the job just as well, seen as I use tea towels and all sorts to get hot things out of the oven.
Apologies for the photos not being great, but I took them while showing everyone how to do it!

Photo tutorial after the jump....

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Baby Car Seat Canopy Tutorial

It was half term a couple of weeks ago so I had some free time on my hands AND some energy which is nice after months of feeling exhausted! I have bought loads of fabric with projects in mind, I think my hubby was getting a little nervous I was never going to use it! So I set about on my first baby sewing project since finding we were pregnant! Can't believe it's taken me this long to get started! I'd seen these types of covers online and decided rather than buy one I thought I'd make one. I've photographed each step so you can make one too. It's super quick and easy and really only took me an afternoon. Think I may knock up some more for my preggers friends!

You will need:

  • Two pieces of fabric measuring 103cm x86cm for the body and lining
  • 4 bits of fabric measuring 23x8cm for the straps
  • Co-ordinating(or contrasting!) machine cotton
  • About 20cm of Velcro (hook and loop tape)

Here you can see the lovely pop of colour from the underside, and the car seat can still be easily carried with the fabric over the handle.
Photo tutorial after the jump.....

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