Thursday, 26 July 2012

Meet my new machine! Janome QL

Ok-so it has been ages since I have posted anything new, my laptop charger blew up and so I have had to wait to use my hubby's laptop. Plus I have been so been so carried away with the making I forgot to blog it. So I have finally collected the pictures of what I have been up to and will now endeavour to post them all for you. First ever so exciting thing that happened broke up and I got my VERY early birthday present ( I am like the Queen you see!) My mother in Law bought me a brand new sewing machine! My husband had done all the research ( and now knows lots about sewing machines :-) and decided this was the best machine for me, as it had plenty of decorative stitches and according the he reviews was very reliable, plus its great for quilting which I have been dabbling in since Christmas. I absolutely love it, and have been sewing ever since it arrived! It sews really smoothly unlike some other machines I tried that seemed to munch at the fabric rather than feed it through, and it has some really neat functions like a needle threader and an automatic thread cutter. It also has a function that moves the needle to the up or down position (depending on how you have set it) overtime you stop, which is really helpful when sewing something with corners, means you don't have to us the hand wheel to raise or lower the needle. Also inspired my Pinterest (love that site!) I made a pincushion to go on the machine to put needles in instead of just throwing them down on the side when I'm sewing. NEAT!

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