Monday, 13 August 2012

It's a boy!

Yay! It's a boy! I have finally made my beautiful bouncing baby boy....Rhino! It's taken me, all told, probably only a long afternoon. I have had it on my mind to make one ever since finishing my aardvark, I wanted to make him super chunky and about ready to playfully charge at any moment! I have made the pattern myself completely from scratch and Reggie (Hubby chose the name) is made from a super soft powder blue jersey. His tummy and feet are made from a striped polycotton and he has felt to reinforce his ears to make them stick up, plus PVC pellets to give him some weight in those stumpy legs of his. His legs have been attached with covered buttons that I also made to match his tummy. He is so dumpy and cute and I just love him to bits!!!

Reggie the Rhino (named by my hubby) ready to stomp, charge and rumble around in the garden.

Reggie and Milliepops the aardvark, my first cuddly.

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  1. So cute! I totally want them as pets :-)

  2. Aww they're adorable