Friday, 3 July 2015

Delicious Homemade Fudge

We used to make this fudge nearly every weekend as kids and its been a long while since I've made a batch, but it was my Dads birthday last weekend and traditionally, alongside Liquorice all sorts, fudge is another one of his favourites (at least I hope it is Dad and you aren't just being polite now!? ;-) So I whipped up a batch while Annabelle had breakfast, took me right back! Its super smooth and soft and wickedly moreish, the best thing is it's cheap and super easy too! Hope you enjoy it!

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All you will need is:

1 can of Evaporated milk (410g can)
1lb (453g) of Golden Caster Sugar
Generous teaspoon of butter
20cm circular tin
20cm circle of greaseproof paper

  • Cut out your circle of greaseproof paper and place in the bottom of your tin. Grease the side of the tin with a little butter
  • Put all the ingredients in a thick bottomed pan on a low heat and wait till all the sugar has dissolved. No need to stir until the next step.
  • Once the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up and bring the mixture to the boil, stir the mixture every now and then to make sure nothing is catching at the bottom or the sides. Be VERY CAREFUL as this can suddenly over boil and its a very sticky mess to clean up! 
  • You need to boil the mixture until it reaches the "soft ball" stage, to do this fill a bowl with cold water from the tap and every now and then drop a drip or two of the fudge mixture into the water. When the fudge is ready it will drop into a neat shape on the bottom of the bowl without any of the mixture dissolving and dispersing into the water. You may need to keep changing the water if it gets too cloudy. Use your finger tips and try and form the mixture into a small soft ball, when this happens, take the fudge off the heat.
  • Next comes the tiring part- Beating! Using a wooden spoon, beat the mixture continuously until the mixture suddenly thickens and goes a bit like elephant skin, all wrinkled. I often find that tipping the saucepan on its side slightly helps, and employing the arm of other people in the house! (namely my hubby!)
  • Tip the mixture into your prepared tin, and then refrigerate. Alternatively you can now press toppings into the fudge like mini marshmallows, coffee beans, hundreds and thousands, or popping candy! Go wild!
  • After the fudge has cooled completely you should be able to easily tip it out of the tin and cut it up with a sharp knife. 
  • Wrap it up, box it up quickly otherwise you might just eat it all in one sitting! 

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