Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Diaper clutch and changing mat all in one!

I have a wonderful Phil and Teds Promenade stroller, one that will eventually be able to transform to be able to push two children at once. I love it to bits, but it is pretty big and as I don't drive...yet....Im often getting lifts with people to go places and if we want to go walking anywhere I have to put little one in a carrier, which is fine, but she is getting bigger and heavier and so its not super ideal. So we treated ourselves to a new stroller - the Quinny Yezz - which was on my wish list of baby items! It is super lightweight and goes down soooo small it can be slung over your shoulder like a back pack!

The only issue I had was that it has no parcel shelf underneath or place to hang the ginormous nappy bag us mum's cart everywhere! So I needed something small that I could use to take a few nappies and wipes along with me, and then I can take a small handbag (remember those!?) with toys and purse etc in.  Pattern link after the jump.....

I wanted the clutch to match the jazzy urban feel of the buggy and be wipe clean for obvious reasons, so I used oil cloth fabric from John Lewis and purple and red bias binding from the market, the chevron fabric I bought when we were back in the States from Hobby Lobby.
I tried a tiny modification to the pattern for the button up attachment, which if I'm honest didn't go as well as I had planned, but it still works! See what you think!

This is the clutch all folded up, you can see I put the button on the top, and then made a slice in the oil cloth, and pushed the elastic in and stitched it in place. Not the tidiest job to be honest, I just thought it might be more comfortable than the baby lying on the button, but in hindsight, Ill just stick to the pattern next time! :-s


Here it is partially folded up......pockets fit nicely over each other. I usually pack between 3 and 4 nappies and half a pack of wipes.

This is the clutch laid out, pockets are easily accessible, and its a perfect size even for changing my current one year old on.

To have a go at your own version of this diaper clutch visit Deby at this link to her amazing blog: Tutorial and pattern download page

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  1. Nice job! That chevron fabric with the yellow is great.
    I know what you mean about the button, but I thought of that so it comes towards the bottom where baby's feet would be, so you don't have to worry that he or she would be lying on it.
    Thanks for trying out this pattern and sharing it on your site. I pinned on Pinterest on my Your Sewing Creations Board.