Thursday, 6 March 2014

A winter scarf

Well it really has been a very long time since my last post! The weather has changed a lot and I really hate the cold, makes me very grumpy! I do really like scarves though! I had been noticing a lot if these long loopy eternity scarves people were wearing and thought to myself it can't be that hard can it?? So with a tiny bit of help from a more experienced knitter, I learnt to cable knit (it really is SO easy)! If you want to make this too there is the pattern and equipment list below the photo.

Size needles:10mm
Super chunky wool (just under 3 balls)
And the pattern below:

Cast on 34 stitches
1st row: (right side) k10 P2 k9 p2 k10
2nd row and every following alternate row: p13 k2 p9 k2 p10
3rd row-As first row
5the row- k10 p2 c9b (See below) P2 k10
7th row: as first row
9th row: as first row
11th row: as first row
12th row: as first row
These 12 rows form pattern
Keeping pattern correct throughout, continue until you have the length you need! Then cast off and sew the two ends together.

To cable: (Slip next 4 sts. Onto cable needle and leave at back of work, k5, then k.4 from cable needle)

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  1. Love this! I would need a helping hand. I found crochet hard! I would love to have a go though. Yours looks so pro!