Thursday, 5 March 2015

Crochect Chevron Blanket

I have finally finished crocheting my chevron blanket I started more a year ago! It really shouldn't of taken that long to do, but I hadn't decided on a way to finish it and so it has been left incomplete for a long time! As this was the first thing I had really crocheted (apart from the baby shoes) my tension wasn't quite right, and I'm not sure I had the correct hook size for the yarn and so my sides were a bit uneven, and I had also decided to fill in the zig zags at the top and bottom of the blanket which made it very lumpy looking.  I thought it really needed something extra to give it a better finish. So after much deliberation I decided to back it in a pale blue jersey fabric and then used matching embroidery thread to hand quilt the back to the front, much quicker and quirkier than other options. I machine stitched the jersey to the front of the blanket to create a border. In hindsight I should of planned the blanket a bit more carefully as the yarn I chose was although very smooth and soft, it was very expensive, and I needed waaaay more yarn than I anticipated! So her is the most expensive blanket I have ever made or been given! If you want to have a go yourself you can find a free pattern here.

So here it is! Its lovely and smooth for Annabelle to play on and because its so heavy it's also nice and warm to use over her in her carseat.
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I don't want to miss this opportunity to introduce you to Norbet the dinosaur I made at school (when I was teaching, not a student!) He is made from MDF, and painted with a mixture of acrylic paint and PVA glue, and his spikes are leather, Anabelle loves to chew on the leather spikes. The mix and match blocks are fantastic, they have really cute quirky characters on and you can mix and match them to create fun people and creatures. You can buy them ready made or you can download and print the PDF yourself like I did and then glue them onto wooden blocks with mode podge. They can be found at the Ollie Blocks website and they have recently brought out loads of special edition and new collections that are really fun.

Here is the back of the blanket, you can see the quilting knots, shown better in the next photo (sorry this is a little bit blurry, but she was only just learning to sit here, and I was trying to be quick so I could catch her if she toppled!!)

This is the back of the blanket, a nice soft jersey, ideal for snuggling into, and you can see the hand quilting knots a bit better. I put the needle in from this side, went through to the front, and did two stitches in the same place, returned the needle to back and then did a treble knot, then trimmed the threads to the same length. the threads are about 1" long.

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  1. love, love, love working with Baby Bamboo! I knit hats for our local hospital newborn nursery! So much softer! Beautiful blanket! Lucky baby!