Thursday, 28 June 2012

DCI-materials list

Next DCI is on the 14th of July 10am to 1pm
If you are new and want to come along (we love new faces!) you can find us on the map here or alternatively its Kingsgate Community Church, 2 Staplee way, PE1 4YT.

So we will be making:
Padded note book cover (with optional handle)

Materials list:You will need an A5 notebook with a spine of more than 1 cm
a patterned fabric for the cover (enough to generously wrap around the book)
Plain fabric for the inside (27cx37cm roughly (more not less)
Wadding (27cx37cm roughly (more not less)

Sewing machine if you have one (really don't worry if not we can share!)
Matching thread
Pencil/black marker
Fabric scissors
Tracing paper or greaseproof paper to make the paper patterns with

Really looking forward to it! Email me if you have any questions, or leave a post! (Ive not had anyone leave me a post please feel free!)

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