Monday, 18 June 2012

Dream Create Inspire craft morning-Cushions

This saturday, I met with 3 friends in a side room at church for our 3rd DCI (Dream  create inspire) craft morning. We meet in a side room at church and have a line of tables down the middle, anyone who has one brings a sewing machine, music on kettle boiling, and then we start making stuff! Our project this morning was to make cushion covers as after session 1 and 2 people decided they needed more practice sewing in straight lines! I showed the gilrs how to make a very basic paper pattern (not at all the proffesional way-but quick and simple) and then we cracked on making our covers. Below are some pictures of us working and then everybodys finished cushions! Usually there is more of us, but people are away at the mo.....
Hannah's V&A cushion, a makeover for the orginal red one.
Kerries Finished cushion made using swatches sent from John lewis, so it now matches her lounge!

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